Does Liquid PVC stick to wood, aluminum or fiberglass?

No. Liquid PVC is a vinyl weld. Our formulation only works on PVC vinyl.

Can Liquid PVC be painted?

Yes. Our formula is designed to be compatible with vinyl window frame. They can be painted but not all paint will stick to PVC. Paint must be made to adhere to PVC. Once PVC is painted, it most likely will need regular maintenance much like painting of siding.

How big a hole can be filled with Liquid PVC?

We recommend filling holes with hard stock. Use Liquid PVC to bond it together. Hard stock is in our PVC Quick Repair Kits. Small holes like nail or screw holes can be filled with PVC slivers together with Liquid PVC. Bigger holes will need to inlay hard stock then welded with Liquid PVC. If we do not have the flat stock color, Liquid PVC can fill a small nail or screw hole. Apply several application, since Liquid PVC will shrink as it cures. Once cured it can be shaved, sanded and polished with our Shine-It kit.

Is VinylDoc Repair Division in my area? 

Our repair company works out of Portland, Oregon only. VinylDoc will fly a crew in for larger projects. Otherwise, contact a local contractor, who can use our products. We do not have names of contractors to share at this time.

What is my window color?

Our chart on the About Page shows our available colors of Liquid PVC based on the window manufacturer. We only have three hard stock colors available in our repair kits. An exact color match is near impossible. There are too many variables.

 At what temperature can I use your product?

We recommend the temperature be between 45º F and 95º F.

How long does it take to dry? 

Depending on the temperature, it usually holds within 1 to 3 hours. We recommend 24 hours for a full cure before handling the repair.

Do you have videos on how to repair a window frame?

At the bottom of our Home Page you will find a link to some videos.

Do you sell window extrusions?

No. Window extrusions are proprietary. You must contact your window manufacturer if you need an extrusion. We do sell repair material.