Contact VinylDoc Repairs Division

Please include detailed information about the damage to your window and contact information.

Email information and images to: repairs @ (remove spaces)
Phone for repairs: 503.752.1178.

If you are interested in having a repair done, please provided us with the following information: 

Address of repair
Window manufacturer if known
Window color
Is a ladder required
Is home/apartment/business occupied

Please include your name, email and contact phone number so we can call you and let you know when your repair will be scheduled. VinylDoc repairs vinyl window frames. We do not replace glass or reinstall vinyl windows.

Note that VinylDoc consultants work primarily out of the Portland, Oregon office. For larger out of state projects that require our service, call for a quote.


Vinyl window frame damage due to human error, removal of siding, or natural catastrophes -- such as hail storms, hurricanes and tornadoes -- can cause inadvertent and large scale issues.

Through VinylDoc's disaster consultation program, we can provide written documentation, architectural drawings and a VinylDoc warranty for the specific window frame repair. We have trained crews that can handle any emergency. VinylDoc's disaster consultation program also allows window manufacturers to maintain their window warranty even after problems arise.

Written Documentation

When dealing with complex and large-scale window damage, documentation is key. VinylDoc makes sure every tiny detail is clearly documented and easy to read for all the parties involved in resolving the issue.

Architectural Drawings

Before work is initiated, VinylDoc will provide all parties with architectural drawings laying out the process and method of repair that will be used. This allows for approval and future repairs to be reproduced in an approved and tested way.

Warranty Maintained

Because of VinylDoc's extensive repair history, in many cases, window manufacturers will maintain their warranty when VinylDoc repair methods and products are used and have gone through the appropriate approval processes.