How VinylDoc became the gold standard for repair and maintenance in the vinyl window industry.

David Fenske started as a warranty manager for a major contracting firm in Portland, Oregon. He observed that water infiltration from improper handling of vinyl windows created problems and consumer discontent. His solution was a repair method that would satisfy all parties, not deteriorate like existing window frame repairs and meet the certification standards of the manufacturer.

David then patented his method. Window manufacturers noticed the improved customer satisfaction and started asking about his products. VinylDoc, the Vinyl Window Frame Specialists, was born.

Now, after more than 15 years of quality service, window manufacturers have gained an appreciation of VinylDoc's cost effective solutions. Because of our superior methods, both contractors and window manufacturers recommend the VinylDoc repair system.

The manufacturing industry regularly defers to VinylDoc's expertise to resolve customer disputes. Insurance companies also take advantage of VinylDoc services. Contacting VinylDoc for advice at the beginning of a problem results in millions of dollars saved and complete customer satisfaction. Builders and window manufacturers alike consider VinylDoc a valuable partner in their success.