Shine-it Kit
Shine-it Kit
Shine-it Kit

Shine-it Kit

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The Shine-It Kit allows you to remove scratches, gouges, dulling and discoloration, while restoring factory new shine, all without the use of harmful chemicals.  The pads unique design allow for sanding into tough to reach edges and creases on vinyl window frames.  Designed for vinyl, but also works on; wood, aluminum and other plastic surfaces.

Each side of a pad has graduated grits starting from 120 grit and all the way to an 8000 micro-polishing grit.  Sanding pads can be used wet or dry.

  • (1) Sanding Pad #1: 120/180 Heavy Sanding
  • (1) Sanding Pad #3: 240/320 Medium Sanding
  • (1) Sanding Pad #5: 400/600 Smooth Sanding
  • (1) Micro-polish Pad #7: 1200/2400 Satin Shine
  • (1) Micro-polish Pad #9: 4000/8000 High Shine

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