"NEW" Window Frame Maintenance Kit - XL

"NEW" Window Frame Maintenance Kit - XL

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This XL Maintenance kit is ideal for large projects where multiple windows need maintenance. Maintain, repair and restore your vinyl window frames. Preserve the integrity of your windows while extending their lifetime and appearance. Restore a fresh, factory appearance to your vinyl window frames.

  • Restore color and luster to vinyl frames.
  • Remove light surface scratches.
  • Hand or machine buffing.

With this kit, you can seal cracks and fill gouges with our patented Liquid PVC. For heavy scratches, we recommend using our wet/dry Shine-It pads (included) prior to using VinylDoc Scratch Remover. Use the Scratch Remover to remove light scratches and polish up dull spots. Clean up with our uniquely formulated industrial strength vinyl cleaner.

Precautions: Do not apply onto a hot surface. Keep away from heat or flame. Cleans with soap and water. Avoid eye contact.

The Window Frame Maintenance Kit-XL is great for homeowners, service professionals and installation experts alike.

CAUTION: Do not squeeze the tube before removing the red ring! Excess pressure could cause the back of the tube to rupture. With the nozzle off, puncture the top of the aluminum tube with a tool or paperclip to allow the Liquid PVC to flow.  Twist nozzle back on until very tight.
*Also note that if an unpunctured/sealed tube is older than one year, it could thicken and be difficult to squeezed out of the tube.


  • (1) 2.5 oz Tube of 'Liquid PVC' (select color)
  • (3) Shine-It Kits
  • (1) 8 fl oz of PVC Cleaner
  • (1) 12 oz of Vinyl Scratch Remover
  • (7) Multi-purpose Cleaning Cloth

    See our Color Matching Chart. We endeavor to make our colors as close to the manufacturers specs as possible. However, due to dye lot color shift and weathering colors may not be an exact match.

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