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You want to keep your vinyl window frames looking just as good as the day you bought them.  We understand and make it our mission to help you achieve that goal.  Beyond our industry leading window repair and maintenance products, we want our customers to have all the knowledge that we've learned throughout our decades in business.  The more you know, the better you'll be able to keep your windows looking great!



FACT: A damaged window usually loses its warranty, even if it is just a damaged nailing fin. However, many window manufacturers will extend their warranty if the VinylDoc method is used to repair the window. VinylDoc has repaired thousands of windows in which manufacturers' warranties have been retained.

The reason they feel comfortable in maintaining their warranty is that VinylDoc, established in 1998, has proven the value of their repair method through time and quality. With that said, it is important to note that manufacturers will not warranty the repaired section. The person making the repairs is responsible for the warranty of their work.

FACT: If replacement is a simple process and the window is inexpensive, it is better to replace the window. However, if replacing the window requires causes a major disturbance and expense, then a repair is the best option. Liability for home damage and scheduling multiple subcontractors, such as stucco, siding, sheetrock, carpenter, painter, etc, often makes window replacement problematic.

By contrast, a typical VinylDoc restoration can usually be completed in one day with minimal exposure to liability, inconvenience, noise or mess. (see Window Restoration vs Window Replacement PDF)

When a window is repaired using the VinylDoc method and products, it will pass all the certification tests of a new window.

FACT: A nailing fin is part of a permanent barrier designed to prevent water infiltration. Unless the window has been certified without nailing fins, it no longer meets the criteria for which it was tested.

When nail fins fail they can develop what is known as the 'straw effect' that draws water from outside to the inside of the house.

Caulking do not solve the problem. Failure to repair the flange can lead to financial liability. More and more building inspectors are beginning to demand that broken nailing fins be addressed.