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On-Site Vinyl Window Repair

Fix Vinyl Window Damage with Experienced and Trusted Repair Professionals

Repair Broken Vinyl Frames

Save thousands on costly and time consuming window replacements with a genuine VinylDoc window frame repair.

Your home’s windows are critically important parts of any house. They give you a view to the outside world and add beauty to the overall aesthetics of your home. However, your home’s windows don’t stop with the glass. The vinyl framing around a window’s glass is equally important to maintain. Over time, ongoing issues with your vinyl frames can cause major problems. Not only can it become an eye sore, but ignoring structural problems within the vinyl frame can cause costly damage.

Example of vinyl window damage caused by hail storm

Repair vs Replace

What are the benefits of repairing damaged vinyl windows as opposed to buying and installing replacement windows?

Save Time

From start to finish, replacement windows can take between 6-8 weeks—from initial bid, to ordering replacement windows, all the way to the invasive and time-consuming installation. On the average, VinylDoc technicians can perform an on-site vinyl repair from start to finish in just a few hours.

Save Money

Replacement of a standard vinyl window can cost anywhere from $450 - $600 per window. Vinyl frame repairs by a certified VinylDoc technician costs a fraction of the price. Standard window repairs start at only $175 with no hidden costs, and if we can't fix it, you pay nothing.

Save Stress

Replacement windows require multiple people coming in and out of your house, siding being removed and a hole left in your wall. By contrast, a repair by VinylDoc typically only requires a single technician and most damage can be repaired completely from your homes exterior.

Before & After

Scroll mouse over images to see before and after photos of some vinyl window repairs performed by VinylDoc repair technicians.

Schedule a Vinyl Window Repair

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