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This patent provides a method of repairing or patching a defect in a vinyl window frame, matching or exceeding industry standards, with a PVC adhesive or filler, including PVC cement.


  1. A method of repairing a defect in a window frame composed of lengths of vinyl profile, the method comprising: filling the defect with a PVC filler composed of a PVC cement and a pigment - such that the PVC filler matches the window frame in color - and allowing the PVC filler to cure.
  2. A method according to claim 1, wherein the PVC cement is composed of a PVC solvent and high density PVC dissolved therein.
  3. A method according to claim 1, further comprising finishing the PVC filler to conform to the surrounding surface of the window frame.


In 1977, David Fenske started a small construction company in Portland, Oregon. At the time, vinyl windows were scarce in new construction. Vinyl windows got a jump start in 1980 when states in the NW started promoting energy conservation. Vinyl windows soon became widely available. By the mid 1990s, vinyl windows became the standard for new construction.

It was in this arena that David started thinking about repairing vinyl window frames. With his construction company growing, and later becoming the warranty manager for a major contracting firm, he observed that water infiltration from improper handling of vinyl windows was becoming a major issue and consumer discontent was rising. Cutting into his warranty budget, the cost per home for damaged window frames exceeded $2,500. On top of that, instead of replacing damaged vinyl windows, subcontractors were hiding the damage behind caulking and tapes, creating future consumer nightmares. In a short period of time, caulking delaminates from the vinyl window and opens up the homes to water damage. As the warranty manager and trouble-shooter, it became apparent that legal issues were on the rise and there was no method for addressing damaged vinyl window frames that would satisfy both the manufacturer and the consumer.

Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, David searched across the country for an answer and found none. There were no products or methods available for the consumer to address the issues arising. That was when he became determined to develop a method of fixing damaged vinyl window frames that met industry certified standards and mitigated or even prevented legal entanglements.

Window manufacturers noticed an improvement in customer satisfaction and started asking David about his products. With acknowledgement and approval from window manufacturers' warranty departments, it became apparent that his method filled a needed niche in the industry.

A vinyl window frame damaged by settling of the structure, transportation damage or impacts from stray nails and screws during installation of siding, etc, all could be addressed without consumer complaints. He was encouraged to patent his method.

On receiving the patent, VinylDoc LLC - the Vinyl Window Frame specialists -  was born.

Repair technicians, who adhere to the VinylDoc method and exclusively use VinylDoc products, are granted limited rights under US Patent law for use of the patented method. In so doing, their repairs can legally meet industry certification standards.

Patent #6,077,465